The reserve extending over 970 acres is located 52 kilometres from Punta Arenas Route 9 South by land taking a right turn at kilometre 32. Parrillar Lagoon imposed majestically on the landscape is giving its name to the National Reserve. The national reserve that extends to 18,414 hectares protects various species of trees with a graceful vegetation of beech and layers of herbs and bushes. Located at an altitude ranging from 300 to 650 meters above sea level, the birds and mammals that coexist in the national reserve, do not lose the interest of visitors. Possessing great benefits of rivers and lakes basins in good seasons the reserve allow sports practices and are particularly attractive in winter with the freezing waters.

Contemplation of flora, fauna and attractive hydrographic conditions, Photography.

When to go

January, February , March, April , September, October , November and December .

Cold weather of heights. Its average annual temperature is 12ºC maximum and -3 º C minimum. The rainfall exceeds 2000 mm per year and is usually in form of snow.

Program includes:

Reception / Transfer by private bus Forest Reserve / not include entrance / Specified Tour / Guide